Form a young talented director Zahid Gogon comes an exhilarating drama, romance inspired by THE GIFT OF THE MAGI by O. HENRY, RAINCOAT by RITUPARNO GHOSH, BHANGACHORA by ZAHIR RAIHAN And SOME TRUE EVENTS.

After falling in love with an extremely Idealist youth Tajul, Shanu ignored her luxurious life and left her home town, leaving behind just a short note with her new address.

Shimul, after a long time, could manage to find Shanu out in a corner of an old township with cue of that note wherein he invents a new proletarian

Shanu Wherein Shanu and Tajul are giving their everything, every breath and working really hard to run the family in a conscientious way.

We cannot see those struggling breath with bare eyes. We, probably, can elucidate these struggling breaths as precious love of life. The name of the prehistoric story of this breath is “Myth of Love”.


monoj kumar pramanik

samia othoi

arman parvez murad

ashok bepari

pankaj majumder


Producer Team

Directorial Team

Advisory Board

zahid gogon

director - writer

Winner of the Tareque Masud Young Film Maker for the ‘A Book Behind The Shoes’, Winner at STAR-UIU Inter University Documentary Contest for the ‘Bagerhat to Zayedanagar’, Zahid Gogon is highly motivated to work in the Film Industry. He is passionate for the art of visual storytelling with Film Making.

Which is inspired by some great filmmakers and novelist, Zahid comes up one of his most ambitious production yet. In this latest work he continues to display the bold and innovative approach to storytelling and visuals that made him recognizable in his century.

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